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5 Ways to Increase Revenue & Profit in Hotel Industry.

Want to get 40% Extra Growth in your Hotel Business?

This Information is for serious business persons who want to grow their existing / startup / planned Hotel business with only genuine mediums. Below we have mentioned top ideas to increase revenue and profit in your Hotel Business.

1. Hotel Virtual Tour

Virtual tours can benefit hotels in many ways. They can help increase online traffic and engagement for your business. Enhance your presence on search with Google Business View, increase visitor retention and showcase your business to bring more customers to your business and stand out from the competition.

According to our research team , virtual tours stops customers from viewing other hotels during a search by around 80%, which alternatively increase your booking numbers.

Virtual Tours also provide transparency and enable customers to see every area of the displayed hotel rooms / suites or restaurants. This provides a seamless description and communication of the quality service you are offering. It gives customers a good impression of your transparency and business.

Sample Video:

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2. Hotel Website

A website is an essential tool for hotels to attract customers and increase their revenue.

  • It can help generate more revenues through website presentation, recognising prospective guests, and easier marketing.

  • It can offer consumers a positive experience to increase the high retention rate of customers.

  • It can help prospective visitors get the necessary information about your hotel. It can capture additional online traffic.

  • It can establish and enhance your brand reputation.

  • It can excite and inspire travellers.

  • It can build trust with consumers.

  • It can provide resources for your customers.

  • It can increase direct booking and sales.

  • It can better showcase your hotel.

  • It can serve group travellers.

  • It can help you stay competitive and provide online marketing tools.

Sample Websites:



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3. Hotel Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful tool for hotels and hospitality businesses. It provides hotels the chance to build upon their guest relationships, strengthen the hotel’s online reputation. Social Media can support throughout the decision making and booking process, as guests begin planning their trips using a search engine, looking on social media for travel inspiration.

Building a solid social media presence establishes your brand in the mind of travellers and generates more revenue for your property. Social media can not only help to promote the business but it can also create a strong online presence. 97% of guests use social media to share pictures of their trips. Meaning, hoteliers get the chance to showcase their property and attract more guests through a hotel social media marketing strategy.

Social media marketing for hotels is key to increasing visibility, boosting direct bookings, and improving brand awareness.

Sample Image:

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4. Hotel Google Ads

Google Ads for Hotels offers a number of advantages to independent & Group of hotels, including opportunities to:

  • Drive revenue. The biggest reason to invest in Google Hotel Ads is to generate more bookings and revenue at a lower cost than other distribution channels.

  • Increase visibility.

  • Compete with Online Travel Agencies.

  • Own the relationship.

  • Upsell.

  • Target active trip planners.

Overall, hotels can benefit from Google Ads in a number of ways. By targeting potential customers more precisely, measuring results, and increasing visibility, Google Ads can be an effective way for hotels to attract more guests.

Google Ads also optimize hotel websites with the help of other Google products, such as Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Flights. By leveraging these tools, hotels will be able to create stronger SEO campaigns and strategies that result in tangible improvements in website rankings.

According to Vigyaapan's Research Team, approximately 20 -30% of hotel bookings are acquired through Google Ads.

Sample Image:

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4. Targeting Corporate Clients / Group Bookings

Targeting corporate clients can be beneficial for hotels in several ways:

  • Corporate clients tend to travel more frequently than leisure travellers, which means they can provide a steady stream of business for hotels.

  • Corporate clients often book multiple rooms at once, which can help hotels fill up their inventory more quickly.

  • Corporate clients are often willing to pay higher rates for hotel rooms than leisure travellers.

  • Corporate clients may be more likely to use additional hotel services, such as meeting rooms and catering services.

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